Do I Need That? Does My Skillet Handle Need a Cover?

SkilletsYou could call these skillet condoms, but that would be rude. Just say yes to prophylactics, unless you want baby skillets.

Lodge Manufacturing, in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, is without a doubt the world’s greatest manufacturer of cookware. Sorry, Frenchys. Not being satisfied with that, they have branched out into a new field entirely: skillet condoms. Check that, they are handle covers for skillets, in different shapes and forms. Here are my two favorites.

Silicone Handle Holders for Carbon Steel

This is designed for the Lodge Carbon Steel skillets, but also fits Frenchified brands like Bourgeat. (I apologize to Lodge for not being completely faithful to them. You know what they say about the French.) Speaking of unfaithful, that little orange ribbed rubber thing is made in China.

Nokona Leather Hot Handle Holder

This one was my favorite cookware purchase of the last year. USA baseball glove maker Nokona makes these for Lodge, and they are fantastic. Don’t tell anyone, but they also fit those Frenchy Staub cast iron skillets. USA made, so my transgressions with the French must be forgiven.

Buy these guys at your favorite supplier. Lodge gave me the silicone one gratis, as I bought a buggy full of cast iron from their factory store in South Pittsburg. I think the giant carbon steel skillet cost something like ten bucks there.


Author: southernfusionfood

Writer, Woodworker, and Happy Eater

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