brick ovenHello, this is Jefferson, check that, make that Jeff Cupp, here in beautiful Garden City, Alabama, on the banks of the Mulberry Fork of the Black Warrior River. Of the three careers I’ve had, teaching, outdoor retail, and writing, I keep coming back to writing. Here’s my chance to share some knowledge about the fusion cuisine that is known as Southern food, which I learned in my grandmother’s and mother’s kitchens. Those were my two culinary schools. Just to cripple another Southern stereotype, I did grow up on a small farm in Alabama, but I also have a PhD in English from the University of Illinois.

To make this different from the typical all recipe food blogs, we’ll look at anything food related–growing, building, festivals, and regional variations of various southern classics. We will definitely go back into Southern tradition all the way to James Hemings, Thomas Jefferson, and Mary Randolph, and even to the native Americans who introduced Europeans to indigenous crops and foods, beginning in the 1580’s. And, yes, I did build the brick oven that is blazing away in the above picture.