Wall of Saws

I will Cut a Board

We have here four restored Disston saws, which are book-ended by a Keen Kutter and a no-name dovetail saw. I bought these back in the days when almost literally no one wanted a hand saw. There really is no end to dipsticks.

Let’s go right to left, Chinese style, as usual.

Dovetail Saw

The little guy at the top has no name on it, but it has incredibly small TPI (tooth per inch). They are so small, in fact, that I had to buy an equally vintage saw set just to sharpen the thing, and set the teeth. It’s a fine saw.

Disston D4 Backsaw

Now we get to the bosses. This is a fine tool, made to work for decades. It has to be my go to backsaw.

Disston Miter Saw

No number on this one, and the miter box disappeared decades ago. I need to make a new miter box, and put this back to work. Miter box project number would be 1,498

Disston D8 Rip Saw

Bad news, 1x lumber. I have forsaken my circular saw for this relic. There is no refuge. I may have to go for even bigger game.

Disston D28 Lightweight Cross Cut Saw

A fairly recent, somewhat lower quality saw. With that said, the steel blade is just as good as the older saws. I may swap out the steel nuts on the handle with some older brass ones.

Keen Kutter Cross Cut Saw

When you see a saw priced at $1, buy it. This one was in miserable condition, but it was something of a size I had never seen before. Kid’s Saw? Who knows, except for some Keen Kutter collector. Actually cleaned up far better than I expected.

People who don’t know me think I am well organized (MJ’s boss even asked me how I stay so organized.) BwahHaHaHaHa. Here’s what my workbench usually looks like.

There’s a Bench there Somewhere

Four projects at once, and the turned piece is a Salt Grinder (seriously).

However, what is a workbench without a champagne cork on it?

Author: southernfusionfood

Writer, Woodworker, and Happy Eater

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